What is relex smile

ReLEx Smile is an advanced eye correction treatment procedure in corneal refractive surgery.

What happens in a ReLEx Smile procedure?

In a ReLEx Smile procedure the femtosecond Laser creates a “lenticule” in the cornea in order to treat the spectacle powers. This lenticule is extracted through a micro access point without needing a ‘flap’ on the cornea like that in LASIK. This access is far smaller (less than 80%) than the incision made for a flap.

How is ReLEx Smile different from other procedures when compared to Conventional LASIK, Bladeless LASIK and ReLEx Flex?

In a Conventional LASIK a microkeratome is used to make the flap; whereas in Bladeless (Femtosecond) LASIK, the job of flap creation is taken care by the femtosecond laser.

The next process of ablating the cornea in both conventional LASIK and Femtosecond Bladeless LASIK is done using a common excimer laser. Hence, in Femtosecond or Bladeless LASIK, 2 lasers are used- one to create the flap (Femtosecond laser) and another (the excimer laser) to treat your powers.

In ReLEx Smile, the entire process is done using a single laser- the Femtosecond Zeiss laser.

The major difference with ReLEx Smile compared to LASIK procedures  is that there is NO flap, NO cut.

Why go for the ReLEx Smile method?

Safety. Faster recovery: The natural structure of the cornea is preserved. As there is no flap, physical activities can be resumed much earlier without the fear of any “flap related complications”.

Reduced dry eyes: The dryness caused by LASIK is much reduced in ReLex Smile, as corneal nerves are not cut, like they are during the making of the ‘flap’. Hence, also more preservation of corneal sensations as compared to LASIK-treated eyes.

Bladeless:  Femtosecond laser uses high precision with minimal action on corneal cells hence it is painless. Anterior stromal nerves left intact preserving corneal sensation.

No tissue ablation : ReLEx Smile is a  femtosecond ‘flapless’ refractive procedure, where there is no tissue ablation. In this procedure a lenticule (corneal tissue) is created by the Zeiss VisuMax laser and extracted through a small incision. The whole process is performed by a single laser.

No flap: As there is No flap creation, so no question of flap related complications such as displacement or dislodgement.

Time saving: Unlike other procedures like Conventional LASIK here the same laser is used thus saving time. The entire procedure lasts for few minutes.

Better refractive post operative satisfaction: This is because it supports better corneal biomechanics.

Am I suitable for ReLEx Smile?

  • Those between age 18 years to 40 years are ideally suited.
  • Myopia of about -10.00D
  • Highly recommended to those indulging in contact sports or those activities that have high risk for injury.

Suitability is best decided after a detailed eye examination and consultation, however not all patients are suitable for ReLEx Smile.

At Shroff Eye Hospital this gentle procedure is performed by VisuMax Carl Zeiss Laser resulting in high precision 3D shaped incisions. With ReLEx smile, you can now relax and smile.