Have you been told LASIK is not for you?

LASIK reshapes the cornea for refractive correction in various degrees of Myopia (nearsightedness), Astigmatism and Hyperopia (far-sightedness) using  Excimer laser.

It is quite possible sometimes you may be told that you are not suitable for LASIK although you are willing and wish to opt for it.

The possible reasons to opt out of LASIK:

  • Age: If you are under 18, LASIK cannot be undertaken as no lasers are approved (according to FDA guidelines) for LASIK below 18 as refractive errors are required to stabilize and as you may be still growing anatomically, there is a likelihood that you powers may also change.
  • Active contact sports participant: Contact Sports like boxing, martial arts could interfere in LASIK treatment as probability of eye injury occurrence is higher. In LASIK, one needs to take what is termed “corneal flap” which is needed to be lifted (similar to lifting a page of the book). There is a chance that this flap shifts or moves out of its place during an injury. Hence, LASIK is also disallowed in the Indian Army and Navy.
  • Refractive instability: In case you have been experiencing a frequent change in prescription of either your contact lenses or glass prescription within the past one year then LASIK may not get you the desired results, as powers may not be stable.
  • Medications: Certain medications like retinoic acid and steroids taken in the long term can change your powers post LASIK and hence interfere in LASIK results. Some such medications can cause fluctuations in vision.
  • Diseases and other conditions: Certain diseases delay wound healing like uncontrolled diabetes, immune compromised conditions etc. Other conditions like Pregnancy, nursing or child birth could be unsuitable for LASIK as hormones could distort prescription stability. Even previous eye injury could be an impediment for LASIK.
  • Size of measurement of pupil: Large pupils could have side effects like glare, halos etc.
  • Dry eyes: Those who have been treated for Dry eyes or having extreme dry eye symptoms prior to LASIK, there are chances it could worsen.
  • Thin/Irregular corneas: A certain corneal thickness is required for LASIK depending on your prescription.
  • Corneal abnormalities: Unsuitable for LASIK In case of presence of corneal abnormalities like scarring, Keratoconus.
  • Other factors: Refractive surgeries could also be a disqualification for certain professions.

So, not just eye health, overall health matters.

Not a candidate for LASIK?  What next?

You need not worry in case you are not suitable for LASIK. We look into the other advanced procedures that could be just perfectly fine and would give you the desired results.

  • Testing: We conduct various tests to determine your candidature using the latest available technology. After all, today, it does not really matter if you are found unsuitable for LASIK as other alternatives may give you better results.
  • Pre – evaluation: The pre – evaluation done by our surgeon, himself, will determine which is the most suitable procedure for you and you would be advised accordingly. During your evaluation you need to discuss health concerns even if it is not directly associated with the eye.
  • Open communication: A complete health disclosure would help in overall assessment and treatment.

With the usage of the latest technology and techniques of Concerto 500 Hz  and VisuMax Zeiss laser,  various other advanced options are available to give you the best. The other different laser vision options we offer apart from wavefront LASIK are:

  • Wavefront Bladeless Epi-LASIK : Epi-LASIK is safe and effective procedure. We offer Epi-LASIK for those with thin corneas and this procedure combines the benefits of PRK and LASIK and does away with the disadvantages of LASIK.
  • Wavefront Trans Epithelial Surface Ablation
  • Topography Linked LASIK
  • BLADELESS FEMTO LASIK: This reduces further enhancement procedures following LASIK and post – operative induced astigmatism.
  • ReLEx SmILE: ReLEx SmILE is flapless and safer with stable results. It takes care of LASIK disadvantages of corneal ectasia and dry eyes.

Do get in touch with us to know your suitability and expectation to enable you to take a wise informed decision for further treatment.

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