Lasik travel restrictions – Travelling freedom after laser eye surgery

One of the most frequently asked question is the need to know when one would be able to travel after the laser eye surgery. Today, you have the advantage of a speedy recovery aiding a quick travel plan post laser eye surgery. This is possible due to use of advanced technology resulting in excellent post operative outcome.  In case of LASIK one can travel 3 days after the procedure [J without glasses] and in case of ReLEx Smile it would just take 2-days to resume normal routine [just few hours indoors J ].

Freedom from spectacles / contact lenses is a break from all troubles associated with it.

You now can walk with more confidence and better vision.

Travelling before laser eye surgery:

Time is lost in caring for glasses and maintaining contact lenses. The main purpose of enjoying a holiday is hampered by frequent changing of contact lenses, being unable to use them comfortably for long hours and in pools. Activities that required the use of goggles like scuba diving, skiing etc. is less enjoyable with contact lenses and sometimes not possible with glasses. Now with laser eye surgery you could put an end to this once and for all. Such visual disability especially while travelling or holidaying has become a major concern.

So, how laser eye surgery help you?

  • Laser eye surgery is an ultra gentle procedure done with great care and expertise. Unlike thought, it does not cause any ‘trauma’ to the eye. Here the surgical reshaping of the cornea is done with an excimer laser, without causing any damage to delicate tissues and most accurately with a high level of safety. You can travel immediately without any hassles of contact lenses or glasses thus making travelling an enjoyable experience.
  • The speed of healing could differ from person to person depending on the type of treatment opted for. It would be hence advisable to consult your surgeon before proceeding to fly or travel after the laser eye surgery. Laser eye surgery is an outpatient procedure and it lasts for few minutes only. A considerable improvement in vision takes few hours and complete recovery takes 1-2 days depending on the type of surgery. Usually, one can fly on Day 4 of LASIK and Day 2 of SmILE ReLEx procedures
  • Safe for your eyes using the latest technology
  • Accurate correction is possible using advanced laser technology.
  • Most important is that the surgery is advised only if you are the right candidate for the surgery.
  • A solution for those for whom contact lens is ruled out due to some particular eye conditions, then laser eye surgery becomes an option.
  • Those who are into scuba diving, mountaineering, skiing and such outdoor activities have great benefits.
  • When there is a need to avoid using contact lenses, such as occupations where exposure to too much heat, dust or smoke.
  • Vision restoration is fast and recovery is quick thereby helping you to get back to your routine activities very fast.
  • Some even experience improvement in night vision.
  • Very useful for specific jobs like pilots, shipping, police, businessmen who travel frequently etc. Actually, useful for anyone dependent on glasses or using contact lenses J

Points to note in general after a laser eye surgery:

  • Rubbing of the eye should be avoided and care to be taken to protect the eye from any kind of trauma or injury especially if one is active in sports.
  • Swimming is to be avoided for about a month after LASIK and for 2 days after SmILE ReLEx. However you still need to check with your surgeon as this also depends on individual healing.
  • You would be given eye drops which need to be administered properly. This would lubricate your eyes and make them more comfortable.
  • Due attention to some activities that need eye protection needs to be given, e.g protective eye wear in pools and while playing sports.
  • Do not touch the eyes with unclean hands In case of any doubts do contact us and get them clarified.
  • Follow up appointments / consultations to be observed for overall best results.
  • Temporary symptoms resolve gradually depending on the healing capacity.

Why let your contact lenses or glasses come in between the joys of perfect vision when technology offers you a painless and an effective solution at its best.

Break free to a world of enhanced vision. Get in touch with us today.

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