Laser eye surgery recovery time

Optimum visual and functional recovery is an important step after the laser eye surgery.

The laser eye surgery being a minimally invasive procedure one can expect quick healing; nevertheless as every eye heals differently the healing time varies between individuals. The immediate healing outcome of being able to see clearly is quite exciting and gives a satisfied visual experience.

Recovery immediately after LASIK eye surgery:  

  • This surgery is painless and the operating time takes only few minutes.
  • The healing of the thin flap of corneal tissue is fast although it takes more time compared to ReLEx Smile which is flapless.
  • Immediately after surgery you may experience blurred vision for a few hours.
  • Improvement in vision is usually within 4 – 6 hours and functional vision is restored by next morning. Complete recovery may take upto 48 hours [on case to case basis].
  • Generally you could resume working in two or three days.
  • Improved vision could be witnessed day by day although some may experience slight blurred vision which usually clears within few days.
  • You are advised for a post operative check up the day after the surgery and subsequently after regular intervals to ensure smooth healing.
  • You may need assistance to go back home as driving by yourself is not advisable.

. Points to note to ensure smooth and quick recovery:


  • A protective eyewear is given to ensure eye protection for the day.
  • No rubbing or touching your eyes.
  • During the first week after surgery it is advisable to take frequent breaks from computer work.
  • Do follow the post operative instructions on eye drops to prevent infection and inflammation.
  • Outdoor activities could be undertaken as per the healing time of your eye. Post operative consultation and follow up visits as per doctor’s advice also needs to be followed, during which time he answers all your queries.
  • Ensure protection from dust and dirt.
  • Refrain for few days from contact sports or any activity that is likely to cause injury.

The ReLEx Smile Advantage: ReLEx Smile being a minimally invasive, flapless laser correction you are at an advantage of faster healing for myopia and astigmatism.  .

ReLEx Smile gives you relief from dry eyes after surgery thus helping recovery with high comfort experience.  Moreover it is a safe procedure and with a highly predictive outcome.

We assure you a comfortable and speedy recovery after your laser eye surgery at Shroff Eye.


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