Laser Eye Surgery Fears, Tackled – Are you worries about laser eye surgery procedure risks & complications ?

After you have identified the clinic for your laser eye surgery, most of your fears should be resolved. Nevertheless, curiosity and anxiety remain in some of us. That is but natural! However, you need to address these before you get on to the laser procedure bed! Your decision to have Laser Eye Surgery for your vision correction is the first positive step towards your vision goal. Let us understand and tackle the most common fears that come your way.

Listed below are the most common fears regarding the Laser Eye surgery.

Fear #1. Is Laser Eye Surgery the right choice to correct my vision?

 The Clinic and doctors can only answer part of this question…that which pertains toyou’re your eyes are medically fit for it. The doctors cannot make the decision based on how this procedure is going to benefit you or your lifestyle. This part of the question comes from your thought process and you detailing the pros and cons of using glasses or lenses versus freedom from them.

 The new technology- ReLEx Smile* is an ultra gentle flapless procedure which is highly predictive and very accurate (Operated by VisuMax femtosecond laser – Carl Zeiss Meditec AG). Before the procedure, a through pre – operative examination is conducted to identity if you are the right candidate for the procedure. In case not, you would be advised other vision correction options like LASIK, ICL etc.

Fear #2 .When will I be able to resume my routine work?

The recovery time is very short with any laser procedure; with the latest ReLEx Smile just 1 day’s rest and with LASIK 3 days rest is enough. You would be advised on the healing time based on the type of surgery opted and the healing progress made individually.

Fear #3.Will the Laser Eye Surgery be too costly? 

One cannot put a price on your eyes! However, it would help to know that centres such as ours use the best laser platforms in the world and are economically priced when compared to those similar laser centres in other parts of the world. Do write to us to know the exact and current pricing structure.

Fear # 4.Will the surgery be painless?

The procedure would be painless as anesthetic eye drops are used to numb the eye. Moreover the entire keyhole procedure is performed with self sealing micro incision. You would be guided step by step. The discomfort post surgery is practically absent.


Fear # 5.Will there be any complications?

Laser Eye surgery is relatively a low risk surgery. The procedure is very safe and generally complication free compared with other methods, so you need not worry. Anti – inflammation eye drops are administrated after the eye surgery and regular timely post operative consultation is done.  Some who may face dry eyes issues, can be tackled with ReLEx Smile procedures.

Different people have different kinds of fears like pain, losing one’s sight or afraid of remaining steady during the surgery. Sometimes fears could be quite irrational too. Open communication with our team will surely help you to get rid of any fear and thus enable you to face the laser eye surgery with confidence and positivity.

*ReLEx Smile is an advanced procedure wherein there are no flaps related risks or tissue ablations and the outcome is very safe. Slight fluctuation in the vision in the first few weeks gets automatically stabilized.

We ensure that your doubts are cleared and you are fear- free at all times.

 Do get in touch with us soon.


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