Symptoms after LASIK laser eye surgery

Normal symptoms you may experience after LASIK laser eye surgery

LASIK is performed in order to correct refractive errors or spectacle powers. Most people opt for LASIK with an intention to discontinue contact lenses or free themselves from spectacles.  Many choose this procedure when they start having trouble with their lenses, or are fed up of glasses, having faced some situation which motivates them to consider a permanent laser eye treatment.

As you already know LASIK is generally considered to be a very safe and hassle- free procedure; however you should expect a few symptoms after the procedure, which are common. Recovery time varies from patient to patient and also depends on the type of LASIK performed.  Most of the symptoms are self limiting and settle down as you heal with time. Those which linger are treatable.

Listed here a Few commonly faced symptoms after LASIK  laser eye surgery:

  • Experiencing sight discomfort in the first few hours (24-48) is normal and is a part of the post operative healing process.
  • Mild irritation- Mild irritation or watery eyes on the day of procedure is expected and eye drops are administered for soothing the symptoms.
  • Heaviness of the head- this settles down on the day of procedure. However, due to the wetness of the eye drops, in some due to anxiety, the heaviness can linger in the first week. A simple pain killer eases this symptom.
  • Light sensitivity – Temporary light sensitivity is normal and expected to subside within a day.
  • Vision fluctuation or focusing problems – Some patients may experience these during the first few weeks after LASIK. This settles down with time.
  • Dry eye is a commonly reported symptom after LASIK. Most often this settles down in few weeks and only needs simple over the counter available lubricating or moisturizing eye drops to control the symptoms. This is not to be confused with the permanent dry eye that you read online.
  • Glare /halos/ double vision – Due to these night time vision gets affected. This also is a part of healing and temporary. This is not to be confused with the permanent night vision issues that you read online.

The above discussion is an idea of the symptoms that may occur normally.

In case you have increasing discomfort or pain you must report to your doctor             immediately. A delay in reporting could even worsen the condition and affect vision.             Usually depending on the type of surgery opted, with time the symptoms diminish.


Points to note:

  • Avoid rubbing the eyes as rubbing could dislocate the corneal flap or could lead to other flap related complications like flap wrinkling.
  • Use medication in time and with correct method.
  • Avoid eye makeup, dusty areas etc to avoid any risk of infection.
  • Discuss any worrisome symptoms with your doctor.
  • Avoid driving by oneself immediately after surgery and wait till vision is stable.
  • Post operative visits and follow up needs to be followed.

The latest and highly advanced platforms utilized by us for LASIK, makes a difference in recovery today to be faster and more comfortable.  The use of bladeless technique also paves way to a pleasant surgical experience and a comfortable recovery.

LASIK is one of the most popular medical procedures advertised to the masses. However, certain advertisements could be misleading. Hence ensure that you evaluate the risks and benefits thoroughly and get treated at the right place.

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