Are you scared to undergo Laser eye surgery?

What’s holding you back from having laser eye surgery?

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We have seen in the earlier article on this blog regarding the common fears of Laser Eye surgery and how these could be tackled. Confusion or doubts still left unanswered could be easily clarified during a one- on- one consultation.

Let’s delve into some aspects on what could be discouraging you or holding you back from undergoing the laser eye procedure. This could be just one major reason or even a combination of many.

  • Fears before and during surgery: Some people have a great fear of pain that they think they will experience during the surgery. Some may even find it difficult to remain still, then fearing an adverse outcome caused due to their head or eye movement during the procedure! When one has not taken steps to learn what can be done for these issues, then the fear lingers on and one may even miss the opportunity of the great benefits that a laser eye surgery may have for them.
  • Fear post surgery of certain complications: Some are fearful of going blind. Clear understanding and confidence on the latest treatment and with your surgeon, helps you to build trust in the procedure and its outcomes. It was in early 80s that the Laser Eye surgery was first developed and further innovation and advancement value added to achieve the latest techniques we have today. The laser beam does not even enter the eyeball. The vision or sight giving apparatus is located deep within. Hence, this fear of going blind is close to not possible.
  • Choice of LASIK centre and doctor: Unable to locate right hospital or find right doctor may hold you back from treatment. Yes, this is an important aspect as you will need an experienced surgeon and also one who has the best of your interests in mind.
  • Doubts on quality of the treatment: Finding the ‘right’ hospital should not leave any room for doubts on the quality of treatment which is non – negotiable. You need to ensure if you are the right candidate for the surgery and be aware of the associated risks if any.
  • The cost factor: The cost factor could be one of the major reasons holding you back. Some feel it is too costly even without any enquiry. Ask for alternate options and beware the cheapest may not be the best. The mode of payment most suitable could be worked out.

            How to overcome ‘fear of having laser eye surgery’?

  • Open discussion with the surgeon and counsellor.
  • Read and understand more on the surgery benefits, risks etc.
  • Clear the doubts and gain better understanding.
  • Testimonies of patients already undergone the surgery. Ask the centre to share contacts of patients who are willing to discuss their experience
  • Discuss and clear doubts on the costing.


Reassurance instills confidence. Having better understanding, preparedness and openness with your surgeon during consultation helps you to overcome your fears and face it. In case you are not a good candidate for Laser Eye surgery you would be informed and alternatives would be suggested. This could subsequently help you to take a decision accordingly. It is quite common that in some cases, laser eye surgery may not be required or one may not be eligible. However be the case, we ensure that you get an anxiety free treatment in its best.

You will not know where you stand until you get the examination done for your eyes. Until then, your decisions would be only based upon someone else’s opinion and experiences, and not necessarily that the same would apply to you. Yes, it is important to do enough homework before considering the procedure, but till the time you get a thorough LASIK evaluation for yourself, keep in mind that the information you read was general information and not necessarily that which is applicable in your case.

Why opt for old conventional laser eye surgery when you can now get the best treatment with good results the latest technology? The advancement from the old conventional laser eye surgery to wavefront procedures and ReLEx smile laser procedures using the latest technology with new generation excimer lasers makes a world of difference.